Drive A Stake

Sitting in the waiting room, I glanced around at the “old English style” office decor.  Dark, heavy furniture, sand-colored wallpaper, and   framed prints of English gentlemen ridding galloping horses in a fox hunt.  Somber was the atmosphere.  Fortunately, no one else waited there as well.  Bewildered thoughts preoccupied  my mind: “This can’t be happening.”, “How did I ever get to this place?”,  “I did all I knew to do.”  “D” words had already taken up residence in my heart some time ago: disappointment, disillusionment, disbelief.  All those years ago when I got married,  sitting in a divorce attorney’s office never even  entered my mind.   Words I could not fathom being in my vocabulary occurred frequently now: court, custody, visitation, property settlement. Things were pretty good the first few years of our marriage.   Unfortunately, as the responsibilities of family life increased, our marriage relationship decreased. Prayers for healing of our marriage went up to my Mighty God for a couple of decades.  Wisdom from my Wonderful Counselor I sought.  My faith in His miraculous deeds was solid.  After thirty-one years; the marriage, none the less, failed.  Like water enclosing a drowning man, disappointment, disillusionment and disbelief enclosed in upon me more than 40 plus years of dealing with physical disabilities put together.  By that time, my Everlasting Father and I had history.  He had guided me up more than one mountain.  I knew He had never left me before to face a battle alone.  Gathering together all that He had been to me and for me, on that, I drove a stake.  In time, He gathered up all the fragments of  my life and put me back together again.

He showed Himself as my Everlasting Father.

This is the actual “stake” I drove.



Commitment To Adonai

To the Creator,

My Husband, My El Shaddiah,

My Wonderful Counselor, My Mighty God,

My Everlasting Father, My Prince of Peace

I am Yours.

You are mine.

I commit to You,

I will continue to do the things you teach me to do,

and leave the rest to you.

I commit to You;

my health

my work

my finances

my children

my house

my mind, will, and emotions.

You already have my soul.

I know the plans you have for me, to give me a future and a hope.

If I am mobile or wheelchair bound, I will praise you.

If I am in comfort or in pain, I will praise you.

If I have a companion or if I am alone, I will praise you.

If I work or I don’t work, I will praise you.

If I live in ample means or meager means, I will praise you.




Commitment from Adonai

My creation

My child, My delight

You have always been mine.

My desire was for me to be your God.

I have already committed to you,

I will continue to fulfill my promises to you as I always have.

All I require is that you love and obey Me.

I’ll take care of the rest.

Remember I have committed to you

My provision

My joy

My wisdom

My strength

My protection

My forgiveness

Remember your soul is in the palm of my hand

I know the plans I have for you, to give you a future and a hope.

If My plan for you is mobility or wheelchair dependence, I will give you strength.

If My plan for you is pain or ease, I will give you perseverance.

If My plan for you is ample means or meager means, I will supply all your needs.

If My plan for you is solitude, I will give you fulfillment,

If My plan for you is godly children or rebellious children, I will give you peace.

I am your Wonderful Counselor,

your Might God,

your Everlasting Father and

your Prince of Peace


Hearing about how our Everlasting Father cared for you would be a blessing.

Need some individual words of hope?  I would love to supply some.




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