Dew In The Morning

Events in the last few years continue to refine my faith.  In a matter of nine months I lost my father to cancer, marriage number two, my job, and what little mobility I had.

Even though my faith in The Rock of Ages had grown strong over the years, my sense of security was some what wrapped up in my earthly father.  My father was not perfect, naturally, but he did live out God’s attributes of mercy, strength, and faithfulness.  My earthly father had been strength , succor, and steadfast.  After becoming paralyzed early in life, he literally been my strength.   When the weight of life’s demands were too heavy, he furnished me relief.  No day of distress or time of triumph was lived without him by my side. And now he was gone.

I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist by training.  Due to changes in healthcare nation-wide, my job at our local hospital working with adults suffering from neurogenic disorders was diminishing in benefits and the number of days I worked.  The few other jobs in my town were not available to me due to my declining mobility.  Jehovah Jirah (The God Who Provides)  offered me an opportunity to work from home and online providing services to school-aged children.  For those of you who don’t know me, you just realize how funny Jehovah can be.  This avenue of providing services requires a sophisticated level of technical skills.  These I did not possess, nor was I inclined  to possess them.   But, since I like to eat and keep a roof over my head, I took the opportunity and bumbled my way into the virtual world.   Jehovah Jirah (The God Who Provides) promised me the Holy Spirit, the Helper, “to teach me all things” and I held Him to it.  He did teach me how to work in the virtual. It’s a private and special feeling knowing what you have learned is straight and completely from the Holy Spirit. I saw children from many different states, Japan, Moscow, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.  I worked as a contract Speech-Language Pathologist for a company the staffed brick-and-mortar and virtual schools. One Friday after work I returned a call to the Regional Director.   She informed me that 90% of my students had been transferred to another therapist effective the following Monday.  I never saw this coming.  As far as I  knew my students  and  their parents were happy with my services. I had worked with this company for six years and in that time no one from the regional offices had contacted me about any issues with my performance.   Many of student’s parents emailed me and the Regional Director reporting their shock and disappointment.  Reasons for the transfer of my students to another therapist were vague and the issue not open for discussion.  Anxiety became the successor to peace.

If I had know what was about to happen,  I would have gone into the kitchen for a snack.  At this point in my life, my mobility had been declining over the years.  I walked with a forearm crutch when out and about, a walker when at home, and a wheelchair for long distances.



He showed Himself faithful as my Prince of Peace.

Hope and opportunities came from my Wonderful Counselor.

Abundant lives for my children came through my Mighty God.

Daily provisions and an eternal inheritance came from my Everlasting Father.

peace and contentment came from My Prince of Peace.

All those blessings came quietly like dew in the morning. All those blessings were queitly orchestrated in the dark of night.  Miraculously


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