A Letter from My Lover

This is for all those single people out there that feel, well, segregated. The general population are segregated into the “Haves” and “Have Nots”.  This segregation is most easily observed at Hallmark in February.  Unnoticed, the invisible partition between the card sections forms.  The “Haves” have someone.  They deftly maneuver for a place in the crowded line to the Valentine cards for that cherished someone.  No maneuvering needed on the other side of the partition for the “Have Nots”. The number of browsers are sparse on this side where the cards for friends or relatives are displayed.  Occasionally, when no one is looking, the “Have Nots”  peruse the Valentines Day cards they would like to send if they were a “Haves”.  In the end, the cashier only rings up cards for nieces, nephews or friends.   You “Have Nots”, you know who you are.  Some of you singles are of advanced age. The time has past for you.  Some are widows or widowers-death has absconded with your best friend and companion. Some of you said “till death do us part”.  Little did you know it would not death that parted you but strife.  Some of you are young singles longing for the relationship that seems tardy, and, maybe, unlikely.

It may not appear so, but I’m one of the “Haves”.  I have proof.  This is a letter from My Lover.

To My Beloved,

I did not wander around looking for someone to delight my heart. You did not just stroll across my path and your form attract my attention.  Nothing about my love for you was by happenstance. Before I was in your mind, you were in Mine.  I created you, I chose you, I love you.   Before there was land to walk on or air to breath I determined to make you holy and blameless, and to find pleasure in you.   From the color of your eyes to sound of your voice, I destined every detail of you inside and out.  I knit the specific instructions in your DNA for your body, soul, and spirit while you were in your mother’s womb.  My completed work in you is wonderful!  Know that, my beloved.  

I have secured a Very Pleasant Place for you.  There we can enjoy the comfort of communion.  Therein you will find the well from which to draw pleasures evermore.  Precious one,  I designed you to savor communion, favor, abundance, and felicity.  That well is My right hand from which all these things good things come.    In my presence you will filled with joy.

In that Very Pleasant Place, I have rooted you and established you in My love.  But be mindful, however, the Destroyer diligently schemes to blow prosperity forcefully against you to loosen your roots and your need of me. If that abundance proves unsuccessful, he will blow calamity against you.  He plots to ignite in you hatred towards me.   When the intrigues of Destroyer use the demands of life to overwhelm you, I will be with you.  When he manipulates circumstances that threaten to consume you, I will be there.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  I hold you by your right hand and you will not be shaken.

You are precious and honored in my sight.  I love you.

Remember, I have summoned you by name, you are mine.


With an everlasting love and unfailing kindness,

Your Maker, Your Husband

The Lord Almighty


I would love to hear what words of love your Lover has spoken to you.


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