Never in a million years would I ever see myself writing a blog.   This is the conversation that lead to this endeavor.

Conversation with The Author of Life and Faith

Melissa:  I’ve finally figured it out.  The decades of living with progressive physical disabilities, long-standing and unnecessary financial problems, children I knew not how to parent, and a failed marriage brought me to zero. Zero emotional reserves. Zero financial stability. Zero strength.  Zero.  Whatever life demanded of me, I had naught.  Despite my pitiful pleas for help, Your strength replaced my weakness, Your provision flooded my lack, and Your words cultivated hope and faith.  But the blessings were not for me alone.  Were they?

Jesus: I knew you’d finally understand. 

Melissa:  You have given me an amazing life with a real-life story of hope.  I now know there are vast amounts of people who need hope to make a life with what they have.  Somebody needs to know that they don’t have to struggle through life with no hope.  I can boastfully say: “Jehovah Jirah (The God Who Provides) has proved Himself faithful to the promises He has made!”.

Jesus:  So many people suffer without hope or faith. 

Melissa:  Why did it take me so long to understand?

Jesus:  You were self-centered.  You thought your recovery came from your own strength and determination for your own benefit.  Silly girl.

Melissa:  You’ve given me a powerful story to tell about your “incomparably great power to those who believe”.  But there’s just one problem.  I’m sequestered by my physical challenges.

Jesus:  I know.  I gave you those. Remember?

Melissa:  I’ve been motivated to write down my journey with you and my discovery of You.  But there’s just one problem.  I’m not a writer.

Jesus: No, but I am.

                              I’ll inspire, you write.

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